OZ NOY: “The main problem with guitar teaching today is YouTube”

Oz Noy has just created his own online guitar course – called Twisted Guitar – through the Musicians’ Institute of Hollywood, LA.
The underlying theory is incorporated into jazz, which, says Oz, is the only way to expand your musical knowledge enough to handle anything that the current music scene can make you way.
In a recent interview with MusicRadar.com he expressed his opinion on online teaching and not only …
“The main problem with guitar teaching today is YouTube, people try to take short cuts and there are no shortcuts to studying music …”
“I think 90% of things on YouTube are rubbish – it’s deceptive, it’s not the right stuff you have to learn, and I have a lot of students coming to me and I can see trying to take shortcuts and I tell them: “This will not work; you’re not going to get where you want with this. ‘ “

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    “For me, that’s the problem, I do not teach people’s solos, I teach people’s concepts so they can develop the way they play, I drive them to what I think they should transcribe – as if I wanted to study jazz, you should transcribe Charlie Parker If you want to study blues, you should write down BB King.”
    “I see the same problems with everyone and the problem is that they do not understand the basics, so they think they can try to play the most fantastic things, but they will not play well unless they know where things come from. theories and the best way to learn the theory is through jazz.You do not have to be a jazzman, but if you want to understand how this thing works, it’s a good way to learn.You have to study theory.You have to study chords, vocals, scales, arpeggios, This is what music is made of.I know it sounds boring and I know it sounds very exciting, but that’s what it is.”