Thanks a lot Jim Dunlop

Immigrant from Scotland, the young Jim Dunlop founded the Jim Dunlop Company in 1965 as a part-time company while working as a chemical and processing engineer at Barr and Stroud in Glasgow. His first product was the Vibra-Tuner, a small device that attached itself to a guitar with a suction cup and showed if the […]

Blues Lightning, the new album of Yngwie Malmsteen

Blues Lightning comprises eight covers of iconic rock tunes and four brand new tracks. Yngwie Malmsteen has put his spin on beloved classics, like Hendrix’s Purple Haze, Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, and The Beatles’ While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Sun’s Up Top’s Down, is one of the new tracks, loaded with blues and […]

David Gilmour Is Auctioning Off His Guitars

David Gilmour, frontman and guitarist of Pink Floyd, sells 120 guitars, including the most famous, his black Stratocaster. The Black Strat has been accompanying him live and in the studio since 1970; you can listen to it on recordings like Comfortably Numb, Money and many others. The hosts of the Christie auction house estimate that […]